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5 Old Movies That I Liked This Year

 Although I love watching films, I missed watching most movies released this year. However, instead I watched a lot of films that were released earlier. This list consists of films from various genres, and not just one particular. So, you will get one from your choice of genre for sure.  1. The Dressmaker : ( Drama, Dark Comedy) This 2015 film stars Kate Winslet as Tilly as a drop dead gorgeous dessmaker who returns to her Australian hometown long after she was evicted from there over false accusations. She changes the entire town's dressing sense from drab to fab within a short span, while taking care of her sick mother. The film is superbly stylish and smart, with some dark humour constantly lingering throughout it's runtime. Winslet simply owns the film. She is stunning, confident and yet vulnerable in times but the way she hides that part of her so skillfully, is what makes her one of the best actors of our times.  2. The Hating Game : ( Comedy, Romance) The 2021 movie has

5 Cute Films to watch this weekend

With this long Festive weekend on, I am sure a lot of you have great plans for travelling or partying. What about homebodies like me who love to spend their holidays at the comfort of their homes? Well, what's better to watch some cute movies! Here is a list of such happy films that will guarantee to make everyone cheerful.  1. The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants: 4 friends travel to different places, apart from each other and as a means to stay connected they pass on a pair of jeans, that strangely fit perfectly for everyone irrespective of their sizes. This 2005 film is hilarious in most parts and captures the feelings of teenage girls nonchalantly across every frame: their sorrow, their first love, their sweet little moments that they share innocently with each other. This film is so entertaining overall. 2. Uptown Girls : A happy go lucky young girl, who does not take life seriously gets a tough task of babysitting a control-freak 8 year old. It's so much fun to watch Br

Top 5 Feel-Good Movies of Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks is one of the most iconic actors of our time. He has been awarded multiple times with prestigious awards for his outstanding performances. He is known to portray characters with utmost perfection and conviction. He is known to own the characters that he plays. His vivid range of work has been recognized worldwide by audiences and critics alike.  1. Forrest Gump: This 1994 film by Robert Zemeckis is one of the highest-rated films of all time, often making its place at the top of must-watch films. A slow-witted man tells his fascinating story to strangers. It starts from his childhood and continues through his adult years. This film touches on relationships of many forms in various stages of one's life. What is most remarkable is how wonderfully the life experience of a dim-witted man has been projected from his perspective. The bitter complications of life have been dealt with simplicity and innocence through the person's eyes. The film establishes one of its most famo

Getting Skin Ready for Winter

 As we can feel the claws of winter ready to touch our lives, we are getting ready to welcome the chilly season with warm clothes. We can definitely take advantage of protecting our skin at this time of the year. Winter can make our skin very dry and flaky. It is better to start taking appropriate care before its onset.  Here are a few essential points to remember to make our skin winter-ready.  1. Moisturize: We must moisturize our skin without fail, even if it does not feel dry. The key is to select a moisturizer that matches our skin type. Looking out for humectants like Hyaluronic acid, glycerine, etc, in the ingredient list can make things easier. Often, our skin can look dull during this season, so ingredients like Niacinamide and Alpha Arbutin in your moisturizer can improve the skin by brightening it. Some moisturisers I enjoy using are Plum Hello Aloe moisturizer, The Face Shop Rice Water Emulsion, Quench Botanics Jeju Cherry moisturizing Gel. 2. Exfoliate: One of the best way