Drink Life

Hello, yes you, are you listening? Why are your eyes so glistening? Is that glee, or are you hiding your tears? Come on, you can tell me, no fears. Are you tired, are you waiting for somebody? Look around; there is nobody. Get up and delve inside you, It's only you, waiting for you. The world is cruel but still beautiful It's up to you if you make the rule. Look at life, live every moment, Quench your thirst, and drink it to the fullest. This post was created for the  Blogaberry Creative (Monthly) Challenge.

5 Bengali Adventure Films

The budget of Bengali films is often quite challenging. So makers generally stick to stories of common people where the set-up can be done within a meagre budget. That is why we have not seen many adventure films in the Bengali film industry. However, in recent years, the trend has changed, and nowadays, filmmakers are taking risks in exploring new locations and, if not, the help of special effects to create such locations and scenes, which is equally expensive. Here are a few adventure films that have been made recently and have won the hearts of cine-goers.  1. Kakababu Series: One of the major reasons that our childhood Durga Puja vacation was special was because of the yearly Pujabarshiki magazines. The adventures of Kakababu by Sunil Gangopadhyay were among the most interesting tales in those magazines, and as a child, I used to wait every year for his new adventure. Director Srijit Mukherjee has brought nostalgia to today's generation with his Kakababu film series. Prosenjit

5 French Horror Movies that Freak One Out

There was a time when I used to watch whatever horror films came my way. I have crossed that age of going for cheap thrills in the name of horror. The moment Hollywood started almost ruining the horror genre by making and remaking boring, slasher stuff,  I started watching some foreign-language films. I have watched a few Korean movies, a few Spanish, and a few East European ones, but the ones that really freaked me out are the French horror films. Here are 5 absolutely terrifying French horror films: 1. Raw: This 2016 film is absolutely crazy. It starts with a monotonous note, and all you get is a glimpse of the life of a new veterinary medicine student who gets introduced to a group. But then, when slowly the insane plot unfolds, the viewer will try to run out of the theatre. The movie is filled with gore and blood. The shocking turn of events happens when a vegetarian student slowly gets addicted to raw flesh.  2. Martyrs: This 2008 film is perhaps the first French horror film I ha

5 Coming of Age Bengali Films

Very few films deal with teenage and the issues of the growing up years. There are a few Bengali films that are based on growing up years of the youth very sensitively and beautifully. Here are 5 such movies to watch: 1. Open Tee Bioscope: This 2015 film is one of the best Bengali Coming-of-age drama that tells the story of a young boy who gets expelled from school and comes to North Kolkata where he gets mingled with other boys of his age. Friendship, rivalry, first-love and sports-the film sew up all the aspects of the young generation so beautifully. The typical North Kolkata daily life has been projected with mastery by director Anindya Chatterji. One cannot miss the melodious songs, " Bondhu chol." and " Pagla Khabi ki". 2. Generation Ami : A teenager overburdened by his father's pressure over studies gets a sigh of relief when his elder cousin, who is a recovering drug-addict  comes to stay with them. Rwitobroto and Sauraseni make an adorable cousin duo in

5 Bengali Films that Deal with Old Age

Often old age is characterised by sickness, weakness and dependency. In Bengali movies too, we have mostly seen the same.  However, there are a few Bengali Films that have successfully shown that age is just a number and we can make the impossible possible at any age, if we have the heart to do so.  Here are the Top 5 Bengali Films that deal with Old age with much positivity. 1. Shukno Lanka: The film is loosely based on a real incident in the Bengali film industry. An aging junior artist who aims to get just one chance to prove his acting talent, finally gets justice when a renowned filmmaker chooses him as the lead actor for his ambitious project. The film revolves around that actor's shooting life and personal life throughout the film's making. Mithun Chakraborty is just phenomenal in the movie. Every scene he is in, is ruled by his expressive performance. The cute little moments of his celebrations with his wife on the tonga is so enjoyable and heartwarming.  2. Posto : A r

5 Remakes of Old Movies

Few films have been remade and have won accolades. Some of the films, when remade, have been renamed, while some have been released with the original names. Today, I will list such films that have been remade later and are very popular. 1. I am Legend: This Will Smith starrer is a remake of the 1964 film, The Last Man on Earth. I have not watched the old movie, so I do not have grounds to compare the both,  but I loved the 2007 remake with Smith as Dr. Neville, a lone survivor after a terrifying zombie apocalypse. Both the films' stories have been adapted from the book I Am Legend by Richard Matheson. After years of trial and error, DR. Neville catches hold of a zombie by himself to test the anecdote of the virus, but he has to sacrifice himself to do so. 2. Road House: Just recently, I watched the newly released remake starring Jake Gyllenhaal. The original film was released in 1989 and had Patrick Swayze playing the role of Dalton, an ex-UFC fighter hired to keep the Roadhouse

Ray & His Women Throughout the Years Part 2

 Coming to the 2nd part of Satyajit Ray's significant women characters today.  8. Charulata from Charulata (1963): The intelligent, beautiful and culturally advanced housewife of a wealthy publisher, Charulata is one of the best characters in Indian literature and later, in movies. Her freedom of expression for her passion of literature and her friendship with her husband's cousin is way ahead of the women of her time. She is liberal, has a strong voice of her own and has the courage to break emotional boundaries.  9. Karuna from Kapurush O Mahapurush (1965): Karuna is a loyal woman who was ready to leave all the riches of the world to be with the man she was in love with but was rejected by that very man. Later, when her lover becomes successful and finds Karuna, married to someone else, he asks her to come with him. She refuses, and that's the proof of her loyalty.  10. Aditi from Nayak(1966): Aditi is an independent and smart woman who grabs the opportunity to secretly