The Hateful 8 Villains in Hindi Films

Hindi films have seen various villainous characters throughout the ages. There are Gabbar, Mogambo, Shakaal and Dr. Dang, to name a few. Even before that, actors like Pran, Premnath, and Prem Chopra ruled as the antagonists on the silver screen. Before becoming leading heroes, actors like Vinod Khanna and Shatrughan Sinha had donned the villain's hats successfully in various movies. The female actors are not behind too. Who can forget Lalita Pawar's evil mother-in-law act in "Sau Din Saas Ke", Manorama's Chachiji in "Sita Aur Geeta" Rohini Hattangadi's Amba in "Chaalbaaz" and Bindu's Mrs Bhandari in "Biwi Ho To Aisi"! Today, I have picked my personal Hateful 8 villainous characters in this blog: 1. Dil Navaz (1947 Earth): A sweet-speaking, much-loving ice-candy vendor who will do anything when his hatred and jealousy spark due to his love interest choosing another lover; Aamir Khan as Dil Navaz was absolutely hateful in the m

Top 7 Entertaining Bengali Web Series

The first Bengali OTT platform was Hoichoi, and now there are many like Addatimes, Klikk and of course Zee5. There is a new trend in web series where a housewife gets involved in some mysteries and tries to unfold them. While when this trend started, it was somewhat refreshing to watch (Hello!) but then later on with similar sort of plots this trend lost its charm. However, amongst these monotonous series, few series release that have strong stories to tell. Today I am going to discuss few such series which are quite entertaining. 1. Dakghor: This series has the simple flavour of rural Bengal. A newly appointed postmaster comes to a village post office that hardly operates. With the help of some villagers he revives the Post Office and almost becomes the Hero of the village. Some scenes and instances from the series will remind you of Panchayat. However the makers have managed to create a fresh story with a powerful cast. Suhotra Mukhopadhyay, Ditipriya Roy and Kanchan Mullick deliver

6 Bengali Anthology Films to Watch

 Anthology films have a flavour of their own. They take a very different approach to execution. Sometimes, all the stories are completely different and do not have any link to each other, just like "ABCs of Death", and sometimes there is a common link in each story, like "Babel". Although very few Bengali anthology films have been made to date, here are a few of my favourites.  1. Teen Kanya (1961): This film by Satyajit Ray is said to be the first Anthology film in Bengal. The film comprises 3 different short stories by Rabindranath Tagore, "Postmaster", "Monihara", and "Samapti". This is by far my favourite anthology film when it comes to Indian films. (I have not watched anything in any language other than Hindi.) The stories are about 3 very different women from completely different backgrounds and age groups and their relationships with the men in their lives.  2. Mahanagar@Kolkata (2010): This film, directed by Suman Mukhopadhyay

6 Bengali Comedy Films to Watch

There was a time when Bengali films used to be loved by almost everyone, both the masses and the intellectuals. That was the Golden era of the Bengali film industry, spanning between the 50s and 70s. From the mid-80s, the downfall of Bengali movies started abruptly with too many mediocre ventures, and this continued till the 2000s, with innumerable remakes of Telegu and Tamil films. Although there were a few exceptions, most good films got shadowed by the so-called "Masala movies". One of the major reasons for the success of old Bengali films was because of the effortless comedic presence of a few actors of that era in most films. There were many successful comedy films by noted comedians like Bhanu Bandopadhyay and Jahar Roy. Even Satyajit Roy roped in comedy actor Tulsi Chakraborty as the main lead in his satirical comedy, Parash Pathar. Tapan Sinha's Golpo Holeo Sattyi, starring comedian Robi Ghosh is still considered one of the best comedies of Bengali films. From the

Top 6 British Horror Movies

 I discussed the best French horror films I have watched a few weeks back. Today, I was thinking about a few more horror films that are not made in Hollywood. The ones that come to my mind after those French films are some of the British horror films that I had a chance to watch. Some of these films are quite popular and almost cult classics.  1. 28 Days Later: This falls under the cult-classic category of horror films ever made. 28 Days Later was an absolutely fresh concept when it was released. The degradation of humans in times of crisis and actually revealing what kind of low individuals can stoop to is shown in the film under the terrifying Zombification. This concept was adopted in many Hollywood films afterwards, but nothing matched it. Cillian Murphy shines as the main protagonist with a powerful supporting cast. The sequel, 28 Weeks Later, was a good movie on its own, too. However, the impact of the prequel is too overwhelming for the sequel to be weighed on the same radar. 

Drink Life

Hello, yes you, are you listening? Why are your eyes so glistening? Is that glee, or are you hiding your tears? Come on, you can tell me, no fears. Are you tired, are you waiting for somebody? Look around; there is nobody. Get up and delve inside you, It's only you, waiting for you. The world is cruel but still beautiful It's up to you if you make the rule. Look at life, live every moment, Quench your thirst, and drink it to the fullest. This post was created for the  Blogaberry Creative (Monthly) Challenge.

5 Bengali Adventure Films

The budget of Bengali films is often quite challenging. So makers generally stick to stories of common people where the set-up can be done within a meagre budget. That is why we have not seen many adventure films in the Bengali film industry. However, in recent years, the trend has changed, and nowadays, filmmakers are taking risks in exploring new locations and, if not, the help of special effects to create such locations and scenes, which is equally expensive. Here are a few adventure films that have been made recently and have won the hearts of cine-goers.  1. Kakababu Series: One of the major reasons that our childhood Durga Puja vacation was special was because of the yearly Pujabarshiki magazines. The adventures of Kakababu by Sunil Gangopadhyay were among the most interesting tales in those magazines, and as a child, I used to wait every year for his new adventure. Director Srijit Mukherjee has brought nostalgia to today's generation with his Kakababu film series. Prosenjit