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Top 5 Films for Young Girls

Feeling exhausted during the hectic week, well it's time to indulge in some me-time or we-time if you are a mom to a teenager or young adult. What better way to catch up with a movie with some coffee and snacks? Here is a list of movie recommendations from our side that are absolutely suitable to bring out the teenage girl in you: 1. The Princess Diaries: Anne Hathaway shines in this 2001 film, as Mia, a messy teenager who discovers that she is the only heir to the throne of Genovia. She undergoes a surprising transformation from a confused and shy teenager to a gorgeous, graceful woman. The movie has some fun moments and is a good venture to watch, especially because of the presence of Julie Andrews as Mia's grandmother, Queen Clarisse. If you like it and want to get more of Mia and her kingdom of Genovia, you can also watch the sequel from 2004. 2. Mean Girls: This is my favourite from the list. This 2004 film, starring Lindsay Lohan, Rachael McAdams and Amanda Seyfried is a

5 Disturbing Hindi Movies Not for the Faint-Hearted

When it comes to watching movies, what matters most to me is the subject matter and the presentation, irrespective of the genre. If asked, I will label myself as a Horror/Mystery/Thriller movie fan, but whenever I get a chance, I try to explore beyond this pre-labelled territory. In the quest to watch some exceptional movies, I have encountered certain Hindi films that I wished I had skipped. These films are so disturbing that they literally mess up the mind. Before I start the list, here is a trigger warning: please avoid these movies at any cost if dark themes are not your choice. 5 Disturbing Hindi Movies Not for the Faint-Hearted: 1. Ugly: This 2013 movie, directed by Anurag Kashyap deals with real dirt on people's minds. The missing of a little girl becomes the core issue and an opportunity for people to seek benefits out of that grave situation. It's painful to watch how the actual crisis gets sabotaged under the different agendas of different people and leads to a heartw

Top 5 Warrior Movies to Watch this Weekend

 Hello my beautifuls, I hope you are doing good. I was going through some articles last week, and I came across a quote by actor Gerard Butler, " Be the hero of your own life story". I strongly loved these words and found them quite inspirational. I decided to list up a few films about great heroes who came as warriors. So today's topic is all about warrior movies, and here I have listed my all-time top 5 Warrior films. Top 5 Warrior Movies to Watch This Weekend: 1. Gladiator:  This 2000 film by Ridley Scott starring Russell Crowe tells the story of General Maximus Decimus, a Hispanic-Roman general from 180 AD, whom the Roman Emperor wanted to succeed after him. He was enslaved by a conspiracy by Commodus, the Roman Emperor's cruel son. When Commodus organised a 150-day game after his father's death, Maximus disguises himself as a Carthaginian and leads his army to victory. Impressed by his valour, Commodus declares him as the leader of the Gladiators, unknowingly

Top 5 Man vs Beast Movies to Revisit

When it comes to movies, I am a huge fan of creature features. As a kid, the first film that I ever watched was Hatari. And then Jaws, which gave me sleepless nights and all I used to dream was about sharks for so many nights. Hollywood has given us some jaw-dropping Man vs Beast films like Jaws, Anaconda, Deep Blue Sea, Piranha, Birds etc. I have listed a few movies that are not that widely recognised like the aforesaid but are equally gripping and fierce in their execution. 1.         Cujo:  It’s a thrilling story of a pet dog gone ferocious by a rabid bat bite. It has blood in its teeth, and all it wants is more prey. A mother and her kid get trapped inside a car and are tormented by Cujo. It’s the story of how the mother beats the fierce dog and rescues herself and her son. This 1983 film was adapted from a novel by Stephen King. It stars Dee Wallace as Donna, who is hell-bent on making a way out for herself and her young son from Cujo’s wrath. 2.       The Grey:  This 2011 film st