5 Cute Films to watch this weekend

With this long Festive weekend on, I am sure a lot of you have great plans for travelling or partying. What about homebodies like me who love to spend their holidays at the comfort of their homes? Well, what's better to watch some cute movies! Here is a list of such happy films that will guarantee to make everyone cheerful. 

1. The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants:
4 friends travel to different places, apart from each other and as a means to stay connected they pass on a pair of jeans, that strangely fit perfectly for everyone irrespective of their sizes. This 2005 film is hilarious in most parts and captures the feelings of teenage girls nonchalantly across every frame: their sorrow, their first love, their sweet little moments that they share innocently with each other. This film is so entertaining overall.

2. Uptown Girls: A happy go lucky young girl, who does not take life seriously gets a tough task of babysitting a control-freak 8 year old. It's so much fun to watch Brittany Murphy and Dakota Fannings' comedic moments together and their strong bond in spite of the polar difference in their age and character. A must-watch for some good time. 

3. Never Been Kissed: A young copy editor gets an assignment to go undercover and enroll as a student in a high school. The insecure  Josie Gellar, played flawlessly by Drew Barrymore restarts high school and almost relives her previous high school experience of getting bullied and humiliated by "so-called" popular crowds of the class. But this time she is smarter and has help. 

4. 27 Dresses: A woman, Jane ( Katheine Heigl) has been a bridesmaid 27 times and has a crush on her boss. However, her clever younger sister catches the fancy of the boss and almost gets engaged to him. Meanwhile, Jade starts a friendship with a junior journalist Kevin, who is making a story on "Perennial Bridesmaid", unaware to Jane. The film is very sweet and Katherine Heigl is good overall. However Malin Akerman as Tess, her younger sister is awesome. 

5. Confessions of a Shopaholic: A young woman is addicted to shopping. She wants everything Uber cool in life, from the latest fashion to the coolest job in town. She gets another "not so cool job" accidentally and interestingly becomes her Editor's favourite. But her shopping impulses makes her go bankrupt and under huge debt. How she recovers from that state, with the help of her friends and boss, is the story about. Isla Fisher, as Rebecca the lead character tickles some funny bones.


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