5 Old Movies That I Liked This Year

 Although I love watching films, I missed watching most movies released this year. However, instead I watched a lot of films that were released earlier. This list consists of films from various genres, and not just one particular. So, you will get one from your choice of genre for sure. 

1. The Dressmaker: ( Drama, Dark Comedy) This 2015 film stars Kate Winslet as Tilly as a drop dead gorgeous dessmaker who returns to her Australian hometown long after she was evicted from there over false accusations. She changes the entire town's dressing sense from drab to fab within a short span, while taking care of her sick mother. The film is superbly stylish and smart, with some dark humour constantly lingering throughout it's runtime. Winslet simply owns the film. She is stunning, confident and yet vulnerable in times but the way she hides that part of her so skillfully, is what makes her one of the best actors of our times. 

2. The Hating Game: ( Comedy, Romance) The 2021 movie has Lucy Hale and Austin Stowell in lead roles. Lucy and Joshua are rivals and cannot stand each other. But slowly their enmity starts to transform into a meaningful bond. The film is light-hearted and a good one-time watch. 

3. A Simple Favour: ( Comedy, Thriller) Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively star in this 2018 film. Stephanie, a jovial and kind-hearted widow and influencer befriends Emily, a gorgeous career-driven woman who is apparently unapologetically straight-forward. The film is about how Stepanie gets trapped in Emily's sinister world and finally comes out of it. The film is funny and the leading ladies make sure to give a few laughs at times with their odd chemistry of extreme opposites gelling together.

4. The Voyeurs ( Erotic, Thriller) One of the most disturbing films about how signing contracts without rechecking can be highly deceptive, this 2021 Canadian film is a must-watch for Thriller lovers. A couple moves to an Uptown apartment and much to their surprise takes a fascination of observing another couple living in the opposite door through a telescope. They find out some disturbing secrets happening in their lives and try to investigate more on that. How their lives get totally turmoiled due to this, is what follows. 

5. Identity Thief: ( Comedy) Imagine someone tricking you by your name, well this 2013 is all about how a woman steals the identities of different people and exhaust their cards to buy various stuffs. Businessman Sandy Peterson is her latest victim but he is determined to find her and get her arrested. The film is overall entertaining and Melissa Mccarthy as the fraud woman is superb in her intentional over-the-top comedic moments. However, some parts look dragged and some scenes looked almost exaggerated.


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