5 Psychological Thriller Films to Watch Now

Psychological thriller films are always a darling when you are up for an immediate adrenaline rush. I have had my fair brush with various thriller films, some were quite popular and a few were unsung gems. Today I have listed a few psychological Thriller films that had earned cult status in the audience's hearts, irrespective of their box-office performances.

1. Secret Window: Johny Depp stars in this bizarre 2004 psychological thriller as a mystery writer who is threatened by an unknown man for charges of plagiarism. The man leaves the manuscript hauntingly similar to the writer's story. What follows is a long tale of lies, deceit and strange occurrences. Secret Window may seem a bit tedious during its runtime, but if you are into it and enjoy your thought process to do the storytelling in times of pause and silence, you simply enjoy it. 

2.  Identity: Much before the mind-blowing movie called Split happened that showed us the vivid nature of MPD, this 2003 film made a mark of its own as a film with the topic of MPD. John Cusack stars in the film, which revolves around a group of strangers stuck in a place and getting killed one by one. The film that gives you the taste of a serial killer movie has a lot more than the usual cheap thrills. 

3. The Midnight Meat Train: This 2008 film, although marketed as a horror movie, is actually a brutal psychological thriller that deals with the subject of obsession of a struggling photographer to find the deeds and identity of a strange man, who everyday boards a train at the same time. This film has some gruesome scenes that earned it the horror film status. A good one-time watch, provided one can deal with gory violence.

4. Get Out: A black man travels with his white girlfriend to meet and stay with her parents for some time. The awkward encounter with the entire family makes him suspicious. The whole town is taking a particular interest in him, which makes him very uncomfortable. Slowly, he discovers something very wrong and horrible happening in the lives of these affluent people. The 2019 film is a satire and often makes one uncomfortable with its sudden and subtle racial comments. The movie's visuals are so compelling that you often end up finding yourself in the protagonist's chair. 

5. Triangle: In recent times, one of the most popular films to show the "getting trapped into a loop" phenomenon has been the Happy Death Day series. Much before its release, Triangle, a 2009 film, had already ideated this topic. A yacht carrying several friends topples and the inmates take refuge in a sinking ship. The happenings afterwards lead to a never-ending turn of events. Tired, fatigued and absolutely exhausted, the protagonist, Jess keeps going back in the same loop again and again. I will not lie; this film is a much more mature and artistic approach to the genre than Happy Death Day ( absolutely my personal opinion) and I am sure people will not be disappointed.

I would like to know about more such psychological thrillers. Do you have any suggestions?


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